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At AVIBHA INDUSTRIES we believe that the real term value addition happens only on shop floor. Its like the engine of a company. So our focus is to make the shop floor more productive, more energetic, user friendly and presentable too.

Avibha came into existence in the year 2006, with a multipurpose aim of   providing quality based tooling, panel checkers, jigs, fixtures, sheet metal components, welded sub assemblies and machined components to its customers. Our USP is our ability to make any multi axis component, since we are equipped with latest CAD, CAM, CAE facilities that include software like SOLIDEDGE & UNIGRAPHICS for CAD and UNIGRAPHICS for 3 to 5 axis simultaneous CAM programming. Our designing strength lies in having ALTAIR HYPERFORM & LS DYNA for metal forming analysis, and CMM with 3D checking software MCOSMOS 3D-TOL, ensuring our designs to qualify against stringent Quality standard requirements of our customers.

Avibha is a decade old Company and in the hands of experienced management team who have in–depth knowledge of the wide range of industry, its processes, enabling them to fully understand the customer requirements. We have a skilled manpower who have pioneered in experiencing and developing multi operations parts with an different array (Varieties) of industries.

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